Service for Casino Gaming

IRN's Gaming furniture is custom manufactured to the exacting specification of each unique project. IRN gaming tables are the first generation to seamlessly integrate all electronic components, cooling systems, safety features, and counter measures directly into each table.

IRN has successfully addressed some of the most important fundamentals of gaming furniture through the development of the first elliptical gaming tables and in the process becoming a leading manufacturer of Gaming Tables and Equipment. IRN furniture is designed to maximize guest comfort to extend game play, minimize staff fatigue, and maximize the beauty esthetic. IRN gaming tables are also OH&S approved and have been meticulously researched with hundreds of hours in R&D, which ensures that our game tables are some of the finest in the world - See GALLERY.

IRN's gaming furniture will exceed your expectations. If you're serious about your casino's player experience and the look of your gaming floor you've come to the right place. Our tables are sure to make you the envy of your competitors.